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Oculus Welcomes Major Updates: GearVR And Go Support DLC Extensions

- May 22, 2018-

 Extensible additional content is a very appealing point for PC games, mobile games, and console games, but does not include VR. For example, Oculus equipment, you must buy another new APP, or hope that creators can publish new content for free. But now the situation is no longer the same: Oculus has launched a beta version of its DLC feature in mobile stores, providing services for its stand-alone Oculus Go Headline and Samsung Gear VR. For example, if the game developer wants to expand the game, they can ask you to pay a small fee instead of paying a full fee for a brand new game application.

In this update, "Installation Details" DLC is also brought in, allowing users to download additional content as and when needed. In the comments, Facebook's Dmitry Soshnikov pointed out that developers can use it to reduce the size of the installation package when the game is initially downloaded, and add the map to the game only when needed. Considering that Oculus Go Basic only has 32GB of built-in storage, it's very important for new players to shrink the installation package. Oculus said Rift’s support is “coming soon”. It may take a while for you to see applications using DLC support. If you are disgusted with in-app purchases, this may not be the most exciting news. However, this may be important for expanding Oculus's VR plan. If app developers know that they can sell their content like a PC or other platform, they may be more willing to support Oculus's heads-up display.


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