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Rhythm Light Sword VR Dancing Artifact

- Jun 02, 2018-

Beat Saber is a unique VR rhythm game whose goal is to cut beats (small cubes) when they come to you. Each beat will indicate which type of lightsaber you need to use and the direction in which you wield the lightsaber. All the music in the game is for the game to highlight the sense of rhythm, increasing the player's wielding a sense of light sword. The goal of the game is to allow players to dance almost as they cut cubes and avoid obstacles. The world's first real-time fingertip sounding electronic music game, professional music producers love to create for you, full of dynamic and jumping original electronic music, and we have created a brand new electronic music game combined with the new fingertip pronunciation game! Every note will be activated in real time. Beats? Rhythm? It depends on your click timing!


In virtual reality, rhythm electronic action games have become popular.AudioShield,Boxing VR, and Thumperare all types of games. The rhythm action game "Beat Sabe" developed by Hyperbolic Magnetism is now available. Let's take a look. Like all rhythm games, the essence is to interact with music at a specific time, and the rapid rhythm and specific actions make the game more difficult. In Light Saber Cutting, the player is equipped with two light sabers and needs to quickly cut the boxes flying around. Each box has arrows. Different arrows indicate the way you need to slice, up, down, and left or to the right, the more accurate the slicing, the higher the score's product, and the higher the final score. Unlike some games that allow you to add music to your own performance, Beat Saber’s music is original, and for those who wish to continue playing for a few minutes in a short period of time, there will be a quick play mode to experience, as well as for long time experience of activity patterns. 


The gameplay and visual experience of the game are all very top-notch. Among the many music rhythm games, this game gives people a feeling of greater amazaing and is a very science-fictional action audio-visual tour. I believe that many players have watched the video of this game, there will be an urgent feeling to want to play immediately, stimulate fun and fun games in the rhythm of the lightsaber game

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