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Schenker Becomes European Distributor Of Commercial Version Of TPCAST Wireless VR System

- Jun 09, 2018-

TPCAST is developing a commercial version of the wireless virtual reality (VR) system and announced that the commercial version will be distributed in Europe by Schenker Technologies of Germany. TPCAST Wireless Adapter Business Edition is designed for corporate and industrial customers, providing 2K video quality with less than 2ms delay, and can support multiple users at the same time.

VR has proven to be valuable in industrial and commercial environments involving complex processes and systems because it supports remote collaboration and TPCAST wireless systems provide additional flexibility in establishing such a collaborative VR system. Schenker Technologies previously served as a distributor of the wireless adapter TPCAST Consumer Edition and is now expanding its new product portfolio. The company will provide commercial customers with TPCAST Business Edition support through its own full-service XR organization OVERLAB.

Reiner Pes, general manager of TPCAST EMEA, said: “We hope to expand our partnership with Schenker Technologies as a distribution specialist for wireless virtual reality solutions to provide commercial VR users with a unique, truly immersive experience that will not be Feel bound to a fixed PC."

The commercial version of the TPCAST Wireless Adapter currently supports HTC Vive and plans to add support for other HMD devices in the third quarter of 2018.The TPCAST Business Edition Wireless Adapter allows users in one area from 1 to 4 users, and 5 or more connected areas, while still maintaining a delay of less than 2ms.


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