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​So Lucky To Cooperate With Microsoft

- Aug 02, 2018-

So lucky to cooperate with Microsoft

Last month, Movie Power were invited to participate in a supplier exchange meeting held by 3 glasses compamy. At the meeting, we demonstrated the company's strength through PPT and predicted the future development trend of VR. Alex Kipman, who was the guest and the inventor of Microsoft hololens, was very interested in this and also experienced our hot sales products-Vr Racing Car. At the dinner, we exchanged business cards and had a pleasant conversation. Finally, our excellent foreign trade business manager communicated with Alex in detail, then Alex purchased Vr Moto, Vr Super Racing and Vr Fight Simulator.


Thanks to 3glasses company for providing us with a good platform, let us know Microsoft's Alex by chance. And also thank Alex for his support and trust in Movie Power, which will inject new vitality into our company.



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