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Successfully Developed 4d Theater Automatic Keystone Correction Technology To Build Their Own Home Theater

- May 19, 2018-

Building their own "home theater" is becoming a new wave of urban leisure and entertainment, soaking up a cup of coffee and enjoying the fun of viewing the entire afternoon. The building of a cinema is naturally inseparable from the large-screen display devices. The current prices of LCD TVs and laser televisions are still too high. For most home users, smart projection is actually a more affordable option. However, in the past, smart projectors also had the disadvantages of insufficient brightness and troublesome installation and use. The famous projector manufacturer ShenHua recently released the industry's first "4d theater auto trapezoidal correction" smart projector: ShenHua F1 smart theater. It not only can automatically focus, but also when the side of the delivery can also be high-precision automatic trapezoidal correction, in one stroke to solve the inconvenience of the traditional smart projector weaknesses. Next we will take a look at its wonderful performance.

4d theater  (17).jpg

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