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Super Hero Game Marvel Power VR Supports Multi-person Cooperation

- Jun 09, 2018-

Marvel seems to have stood at the top of the world of superhero movies, and each movie can earn hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Shortly after the "Avengers: Infinite War" release, Oculus Rift will launch a Marvel VR game.

Marvel Powers United VR was developed by Sanzaru Games, which teamed up with Marvel and Oculus Studios. According to executive producer Mike Doran, the game is currently in full swing or will be released later this year. Almost a year ago, this game released only a few characters and short animations. We couldn't help but worry that it would fail. This is a superhero theme game in which players can choose their favorite heroes to fight. Each character perfectly restores the characteristics of the movie, such as Captain, Crystal, Hulk, Ray Thor, etc. , join the battle to defend the earth together. In the game, players can use their super power to fight the enemy. The game also supports multi-person cooperation, together with the collection of power units and the opening of protective shields, can fight directly with the large Boss evil god Loki.


Even if Doran stated that the game will be released this year, there is still no fixed date, and no new characters have been announced. What's surprising is that after the release of "Avenger's Alliance: Infinite War", "Marvel Power Force VR" still exists, there is no trace of marketing.

Considering that we will usher in the E3 game show next month, we may have the opportunity to see more news on Marvel Powered VR at the show.


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