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Super VR Visual Experience, Xiaomi Ecological Chain Push New Products Again, The Camera Can Play Panoramic Video

- May 22, 2018-

Friends who have played millet cameras know that there are more than one manufacturer of intelligent camera products under their ecological chain, such as Chuang Mi, Hua Lai, and the small ants including Mi Jia also do their own work. As for who is superior, this is actually very difficult to give here. A clear point of view can only be said to have its own characteristics. Recently, Hualai Technology launched a dual-camera panoramic camera with wide-angle dual-lens, 2 million dual CMOS, two-way 360° panoramic view, and four-window real-time monitoring.


In the aspect of appearance design, Huawei's dual camera panorama camera continues the generous Founder design, with a more compact body, with the camera is still attached to the Mocro USB data cable and charging head, no memory card and other additional accessories. The camera part at the top of the dual camera version is non-rotatable, but the two 210° wide-angle lenses also achieve horizontal and vertical two-way 360° synchronous video recording, which brings a panoramic view of the camera. In actual experience, this camera passes The addition of two cameras enables the performance of two cameras at the same time. Two dual cameras with dual-chip independent exposure control, F2.0 large aperture, can automatically adjust the picture according to the conditions of the light; at the same time, three 850 nm high-power infrared light group also provides a visible distance of 5 meters at night, Ensures surveillance imaging of the night camera.


In terms of workmanship, the small camera dual camera version uses a high gloss finish of the piano paint, integrated black style, in addition to outside the voice hole, cooling holes and related power outlet, the body did not do too much hole processing .

In addition, in terms of functional experience, Xiao Fang’s dual-camera version has also added VR mode, and through built-in gyroscopes can be used with millet VR glasses to experience immersive viewing methods. The reset button of the camera is designed at the bottom of the fuselage. The reset hole can be reset without nails by long press. In addition to the reset button, the bottom is also provided with TF card slot and 1/4 photography interface.

Overall performance of Xiaofang dual camera version, wide-angle dual camera, 2 million pairs of cmos, two-way 360° panoramic video and four-window real-time monitoring of the screen, VR mode and other features, combined with the price of 199, can be said Very cost-effective, and Hua Lai with this dual camera for the camera attempt, no doubt also promoted the home security camera into the era of dual-camera, of course, as a first-time dual-camera smart camera, looking forward to the next generation of new larger Room for improvement.

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