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Take A Look! What High Technology Is There In The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

- Jun 02, 2018-

 Face recognition pit stop, journey planning, WiFi coverage... The JingZhang High-speed Rail service for the Beijing Olympic Winter Games in 2022 will not only link Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, but also transform into integrated intelligent service. "Olympic train" is very much expected by the outside world. Turn on the intelligent VR viewing mode, even if it is not on the scene, it can be “immersive”. Experts said that regardless of transportation, venue construction, event guarantee, and scientific training, scientific and technological innovation will play an important role in supporting and leading the Beijing Olympic Winter Games in 2022.


Olympic train surfing at any time

In response to the special needs of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games, the JingZhang High-Speed Train has designed a variety of customized services to highlight Olympic features and smart technologies. For example, trains have specially set up doping control areas, ice and snow sports equipment storage areas, and provide humanized seating areas for handicapped people. They are equipped with wheelchair fixing devices, SOS buttons, and foldable table tops. In addition, the train can also watch the live broadcast of the game in real time through the smart display. Media reporters can use the WiFi system covering the whole car to edit and send event reports at any time.

The JingZhang high-speed rail will be completed by the end of 2019. By that time, the fastest trip time from Beijing to Zhangjiakou will be reduced from the current three hours to one hour. The "Olympic Special Line" connects the three major competition areas, and the public transportation system connects the surrounding areas of the various divisions.

China's self-developed smart unmanned buses will also serve the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. "As long as you turn on your cell phone and give instructions through the system, the smart bus can sense the needs of people. When it comes to the station, it will stop and bring guests. And this smart car is a new design, compared with the current vehicle, there is no steering wheel, brake and throttle. In addition, intelligent unmanned logistics vehicles that can operate in complex environments may also be used at the Beijing Olympic Winter Games.


VR viewing "immersive"

In order to enrich the audience experience, the Beijing Winter Olympics will open a “smart view” mode that can be “immersive” even if it is not on site. With the continuous development of the Chinese sports industry and the acceleration of technological innovation, advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR), 5G communications, 360-degree playback, and unmanned aerial vehicles will be comprehensively used at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Among them, VR technology is being increasingly used in live events and other fields, especially in skiing and other sports events that require high standards. All the slow-motion 360-degree rotations can also be played back, giving the audience a rich, shocking viewing experience. In addition, artificial intelligence, VR technology and other technologies can also simulate and optimize the game scene, break through the venues, climate constraints, athletes to achieve system-assisted training and help athletes improve the competitive level and overall quality.

Experts said that regardless of daily training or formal competition, the high-tech trend of sports equipment has become increasingly obvious. Advanced sports equipment can help improve the scientific training and performance of athletes. The high-tech sportswear with built-in sensors is a major research and development hotspot for the Beijing Winter Olympics. "The sensor can sense and track the internal activities of the athlete's muscle fibers and report the muscles' state of motion through the application." The researchers said that this can help athletes to train targetedly.

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