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The 71st Cannes Film Market Visit: VR Is Still Hot And The Genre Is Popular

- Jun 01, 2018-

The 12-day Cannes Film Festival is coming to an end. It is time to follow the footsteps of Phoenix Entertainment and go to Cannes's film market to make a turn. As part of the festival, although the influence of the film market is not as great as before, the number of movies is decreasing and the number of transactions is decreasing, but it still plays an important role in promoting the trading and circulation of world movie copyrights every year.

For example, the seemingly dull market in the first half of the year suddenly dropped a blockbuster on May 12: Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard, Fan Bingbing and many other starring actress films " 355” was bought by Universal Studios for nearly US$20 million, suddenly reviving the market’s staff. It was like opening a gate, Secret Garden, Arctic, Capernaum, and this session. The opening film, Known Everyone, has found buyers. Although there are already some buyers ready to close down at the end of the process, most of the booths can still see one or two staff waiting for the emergence of the gold owner. After all, to a large extent, some movies can find buyers here and will decide The survival of the film.


This year's movie market continues the main VR theme last year, and the booth is still the best place in the market. The people who come to inquire are endless. Most people must personally experience it after consulting. Most of these VR experiences are The climax of the film usually lasts for about five minutes. In the picture, these are experiences of an animated film named “CHORUS”. At the end of the interview, the reporter asked about their feelings. The person on the right answered with enthusiasm: "Excting!"

VR movies can maintain such popularity in the movie market and are also related to the constantly changing sensory experience. The staff of the booth introduced us to the technical level that VR devices are currently working to reduce viewers’ sense of vertigo, especially after picking off glasses and returning to the real world. It is better integrated with new technologies. For example, this "CHORUS" is an animated movie that combines eastern and western colors. This "technology and content marriage" has achieved good results in recent years, and will continue to explore next.

Every year, the booth for Asian film is in a good position. For example, beside the VR area, it is the publicity of the very eye-catching Beijing International Film Festival. In recent years, the North Festival is also dedicated to docking with the International Film Festival. Hope to be able to promote it further. Putting it here still attracts many pedestrians' attention.


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