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The Future Of VR, Health Care

- Oct 11, 2017-

2016 "VR/AR" outbreak, virtual reality and augmented reality technology ushered in a first year development, commercialization of VR + filling out the pattern on the tuyere "VR/AR +" scheme, not only impressive market, also raised a number of entrepreneurs to blood, in 2017, was the most promising of VR games but mediocre, people did not achieve the desired, investment market cooling, people seem to see the shortest a draught. People began to reflect on, VR is a bogus demand, the application of VR in fact not limited to the games, film and television, culture, entertainment, VR application fields far beyond entertainment, the popularization of the application of VR entertainment is just a VR system booster. The biggest market potential is an unexpected application - VR+ healthcare

In the field of medical + the B side, VR/AR is mainly used in clinical surgery, medical education, remote medical, psychological rehabilitation, physical repair, pain control and personalized fitness training, because similar traditional PC games, VR games at present are still high to the requirement of hardware configuration, virtual social there are bandwidth costs and head show universal external limitations, by contrast, in the same period of medical treatment + VR/AR embedded progress is encouraging, because some mature characteristics of VR/AR, has more in some segments of the medical field can be constructive, even has shown a disruptive blessing to liquidate possible! In addition to the size of the professional industry, "medical + VR/AR" has become increasingly clear, such as clinical surgery, medical education training, telemedicine and psychotherapy.

We see in fact, in addition to the above several aspects of application of medical + VR/AR in other niche still has huge development potential, such as improving the doctor-patient relationship, for each physical examination project and the treatment of AR/VR medical applications, from 360 ° to show the whole process of medical inspection or treatment, so as to relieve patients for the inspection of not familiar with and lead to fear, through the virtual experience more accurately describe their symptoms to the doctor, to strengthen the trust of the doctor; Such as the use of AR/VR technology for the doctor to try again in the true sense of all of the 4 d perspective and continuous MPR (multi planar reconstruction) observation method, through a simple interactive way, simulated by looking at the way objects in real space, let the doctor structure, free from any Angle to observe the pathological changes, provide doctors with a simple structure interact to observe pathological changes, to improve the diagnostic efficiency and reduce the misdiagnosis rate; The creative drug information shows that, with the help of AR medical technology, patients can see how the drug works in 3D images of their own bodies without the need to read the tedious description on the bottle. The first responders have conducted targeted rescue measures to prevent missing out on the best first aid, etc.

Also jump out of the application level, in terms of capital so far "medical + VR/AR" ToB business market potential is tremendous, HTC has $11 million invested in the virtual reality SurgicalTheater medical company, and according to RnRMarketResearch report, released in late 2015, the global medical service during the period of 2014-2019 virtual reality compound growth rate will reach 19.37% of the market, market analysis, a research firm Kalorama said only the VR/AR medical market in the United States this year is expected to be grown from $2012 in 525 million to $976 million, at the same time in the next few years the growth rate of roughly consistent, the American institutions IndustryARC argues that by 2020 up to $2.54 billion, Goldman sachs forecast to 2025, health care expected users is about 3.4 million, the size of the market will be $5.1 billion. Domestic although there is no relevant data, but in 2016 the Chinese medical and health care expenditures is 1.2363 trillion yuan, and medical services in the first half of 2015 listed companies in revenue in 5.8 billion, 23 medical instrument plate overall revenue of 12.2 billion yuan of listed companies, the former net profit 600 million, net profit 1.4 billion, the health care industry remains profitable!

At present, under the vigorously support and the support of national policy, the major VR/AR lab in the capital strength through VR/AR production chain, promote "health + VR/AR" as soon as possible into the medical market, promote technological progress. In the future, depending on the development of the Internet, "VR/AR +" will be continuously enhanced, and virtual medical treatment will extend to more segments of medical health, so as to create a blueprint for "smart health" mode.

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