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The Opening Of The Eighth Beijing 4dx Theater Film Festival Science And Technology Unit

- May 16, 2018-

On April 15, the 8th Beijing International Film Festival "Technology Unit" was opened at the China Science and Technology Museum. This year's Beijing International Film Festival's "Technology Spectacle" exhibition unit was officially renamed as "Technology Unit" to bring more public welfare science festivals to the 4dx theater film festival. Features and culture benefit people.

It is understood that the "Technology Unit" is divided into five sections: film screenings, popular science events, selection of good works, exhibitions, and academic forums. During the event, more than 30 domestic and foreign special effects films from 10 countries including China, the United States, Canada, and Belgium will be shown, of which 19 will be the first ones to meet with Chinese audiences. In addition to the rich special effects movie screenings, the “Technology Unit” will also hold special effects movie development forums, film awards and awards ceremonies, giant screen laser demonstrations, science fans parent-child salon, dome screen open class and many other academic exchange activities and popular science features activity.

The theme of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival “Technology Unit” is “Movies Makes Science and Technology More Exciting”. It fully demonstrates the latest achievements of international film science and technology, and also brings a broad science and technology perspective and an ultimate viewing experience to the audience. The unit activity will continue until May 6th.

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