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The Revolution Of AR/VR Technology

- Aug 11, 2018-

The revolution of AR/VR technology

As a new computer high-tech interactive simulation system, AR/VR technology will provide customers with a revolutionary simulation experience, but also revolutionize the field of games, movies, and even medical and education. . "This revolution is not only the continuation and promotion of the previous industrial society. It can actually compete with the two eras of farming revolution and industrial revolution in the history of civilization." It will determine how we see the world in the future. In this context, on the one hand, domestic and foreign technology giants are actively deploying the virtual reality industry, and the investment in hardware products and content will increase significantly. According to reports, investment in this industry will continue to increase substantially in the future, and the industry growth rate is expected to increase to around 30%.


In addition to realizing that the AR/VR technology revolution will give people a subversive view of how to view and experience the world, there is also a huge increase in demand for human development. Since the emergence of photography, film and television, the ability to reflect life's empathy from the visual field has been accompanied by the development of science and technology, and the interaction between man and nature has also been transformed from imagination into virtual reality, that is, from the imagination of the past, Visionary Miles; to the creation of the film, the first publicly screened film "Training Station" in the history of the world movie, scared the people who want to leave, the interaction between human and virtual reality has taken a big step, technology and art work together, Before the real eyebrows, the color of the wind and clouds; today, AR and VR go one step further, let the reality overlap with the virtual world, people can cross the time and space, enter the virtual world, and interact with people and things in the virtual world. VR can be immersive and more realistic, and it has a huge market.

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