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The World's First VR Film Feature Lone Wolf Will Be Filmed

- Jun 09, 2018-

The first standard-length virtual reality (VR) movie feature film is about to open. The famous actor Hugo Weaver once played Smith in the “Matrix Trilogy”, The elf in “the Lord of the Rings”, Ai Long, the Red Dragonfly in "Captain America" will participate in the starring.


The film is based on Joseph Conrad's novel "The Secret Agent" and will be a modern adaptation of this novel which was published in 1907 on the theme of exploring fanaticism and terrorism. The film name is “Lone Wolf”, Hugo Weaver, will play as a detective who is involved in the conspiracy of the Sydney Opera House. At the same time, Hugo Weaver will supervise the production of “Lone Wolf” with “Mumbai Hotel” actress Tilda Ghamm-Harvey, Executive Producer Lee Hubber, directed by Jonathan Ogwi. The movie plans to release a traditional 2D version and a full-length VR cinema version in 2019. This will allow the audience to fully immerse themselves in the stories and actions displayed, while also making “Lone Wolf” the world's first VR feature film. The VR effect plan is implemented by the production team through the use of a set of lenses that will provide 3D and 200-degree viewing angles that can be accessed through devices installed on the smartphone. According to director Jonathan Ogilvie, this film is a completely objective and POV model and will show our common concerns and concerns about surveillance.

The film will be put into production soon after completing the $2 million financing. There are no more details yet.


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