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Three models of VR experience shop

- Jul 11, 2017-

1. Shopping Experience Shop

This is called the egg-Chair VR Experience shop, the advantage is low cost, as long as there is a small space, coupled with some simple hardware equipment such as VR head, PC, and simple peripherals, such as the egg chair, can be built, according to the calculation of only 10.3 million cost, this experience shop covers the largest number of users.

2. VEC Entertainment Center

This offline shop is actually very early abroad, and Australia's zero latency has been open to the public since August 2015, and there have been a succession of such as the Super Captain, in April, they completed a round of tens of millions of of a financing, and in May the official opening of the shop is located in Guangzhou, Yu Wanda Plaza, the model is relatively high cost of investment and risk.

3. Theme parks

If the cost of zero latency is already very high, then the theme park is not what anyone can do, in the United States has a void made a, a while ago, a grand investment of their 350 million dollars, you can know how high the cost, now they are preparing to find partners to enter China.

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