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UME4D Movie Theater Screen City, China Wisdom City Leads The Way Of Leisure Lifestyle

- Jun 02, 2018-

Watching movies has now become a very popular form of entertainment. Going to the cinema to watch movies is a quality lifestyle. In addition to the theme of the appetite story, the choice of cinema will make the viewing more ritual, and the screen and digital configuration of the giant screen will gradually become the new pursuit of everyone's viewing. Smart City signed the contract to introduce UME4D Movie Theater giant screen studios, to create a new frontier viewing fashion, leading the new trend of entertainment and leisure life.  

Giant Screen Studios at Your Doorstep

There are thousands of cinemas in Beijing, but there are not a lot of giant screen theaters. Therefore, if you want to follow fashion trends and watch huge screen movies, you still need to travel. This is a busy time for us, the film we saw has to pass the test of time and distance.

The UME4D movie screen studio introduced by Smart City not only improved the movie viewing experience in the area, but also made up for the regional theater screen blank. It will be more convenient for everyone to watch the movie without going a long distance, so as to avoid the embarrassing situation of robbing tickets and distance. After working, you can enjoy a huge screen movie near home, and then you can enjoy the entertainment life and enjoy the quality of life.

4d theater  (22).jpg

  The same theater, different design, UME4D screen studio (Wisdom City shop), covers an area of about 5000m2, has 10 spacious standard movie hall, with VIP movie hall, 10 meters giant screen hall, etc. Design and decoration is the third UME club service theater in Beijing following the Shuangjing store and Anzhen store. It plans to have a huge screen in Beijing and brings you a new high-tech viewing experience that is in sync with international trends. .

In order to give movie fans an amazing viewing experience, on the hardware side, high-tech screening technology and a diversified film room model are used across the board. Projection equipment is imported from abroad, such as: British screen, Belgium high-brightness digital projector, the United States crown audio, South Korea 4D equipment. It ensures the sharpness of the picture, the brightness and the fidelity of the stereoscopic movie, and is at the forefront of the movie industry. In terms of software, we focus on the quality of cinema operations and service upgrades. At the same time, UME's humanistic spirit and film culture are embedded in business. From the arrival, purchase, viewing and leaving of the movie, we feel at home.

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UME International Studios strives for excellence and builds China's giant-screen cinemas with high specifications. In the smart city, you can experience high-end equipment, feel the high-end lifestyle of internationalization, keep up with the trend of the times, and be at the forefront of fashion. In the boring entrepreneurial office, come to the cinema to watch a movie, or laugh or burst into tears, follow the film plot to enjoy the release, ease the pressure of work, life here is so beautiful!

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