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Valve's New Official Online Line Clearly Stated Its Commitment To VR Development

- May 22, 2018-

Valve (V) is in the heart of the game player, Vale also spare no effort in the implementation of VR, its hardware and software solutions to become the industry standard. The Steam platform is one of the best VR content platforms in the world.

SteamVR's auto-resolution capability allows the user's GPU to perform at its best and exposes users who cannot purchase high-end graphics cards to VR. Steam VR 2.0 base stations do not need to be plugged into the computer to track heads, controls and accessories.

Valve's revised website launched this week offers a new interpretation of the company's focus and mission, including its commitment to building hardware, VR and other aspects. As seen on the new About page, the company’s hardware was specifically introduced and the Steam controller was highlighted. Under this, we get a strong hint that the company regards VR as the core of their future hardware work.

In addition to hardware, Valve also has three VR games under development, including the card game Artifact and the adventure game "In the Valley of Gods," but it has remained very tight. In the background of the homepage, VR highlighted the VR in a video montage, and we saw a camera that was being tested by users who were wearing Vive Pro heads and using Valve's Knuckles controller.

Another video clip appears to be a motion tracking test before Steam VR tracks the base station. Although Valve has always been a software company, in recent years they have also become a very good hardware manufacturer. Through the revised website, they expressly believe that VR will be their long-term future. Valve hopes to do more than just create hardware and software. They want to integrate the design process and create more.



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