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Virtual Reality Experience Hall

- Jun 01, 2018-

With VR technology into the outbreak of the second half of the year period, the traditional VR offline experience is not an egg chair already added a VR glasses can satisfy. VR treadmill, single VR backpack, flight simulation, VR driving car, ordinary people are difficult to buy large peripherals are gradually join Virtual reality experience Hall.

VR experience Hallquickly to indoor large-scale amusement equipment, on present trends, VR offline experience is from a single experience hall forward into small devices rely on large equipment to win VR experience center. From the earliest small experience pavilion pattern be born to now VR offline experience VR rides the steering with large equipments, only less than a year.

From the point at this stage, the VR offline experiences according to the scale can be divided into small VR experience hall, medium-sized VR experience hall, large VR experience these three categories.

1, Small Virtual reality experience Hall

First of all, covers an area of 10 to 50 square meters small VR experience pavilion, this kind of experience pavilion because the device is relatively single, with a mature HTC Vive is given priority to, a few complementary with peripherals like egg chair enhance the experience. VR experience pavilion normally only at the same time support 1-10 players for VR experience. Believe that everyone in the mall, Internet cafes, video game city was seen such experience hall covers an area of small line.

Small VR offline experience pavilion based VR devices, more is to show the user bring novel experience feelings of virtual reality technology. Because this kind of VR experience pavilion opened the cost is low, in domestic has the considerable number, mostly in the form of napa stores radiation to the cities.

2, Medium VR experience Hall

Covering an area of 50-50000 square meters of medium-sized VR offline store experience, this kind of experience shops are based on VR devices. From HTC vive, Oculus Rft and other mainstream consumer VR treadmill, simulated cockpit and other high-end VR equipment also has a certain scale, similar to a "VR" arcade city.

The VR experience, large vr theme park

And although large vr theme park area does not have more than some large VR experience centre, but at its core a lot of "theme" two words will brush away the offline store experience. In small make up point of view, the "subject" is not referred to as VR, and be content. Brand core products, large space free walk, people interact amusement project is a large theme VR experience several essential condition.

In general, large theme VR experience pavilion is not a pure experience shows, the more important is the depth of the VR amusement content. Its ultimate objective is the use of virtual reality technology, characteristic of the infinitely sensory limit break through traditional amusement facilities.


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