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VIVEPORT Developer Contest Award Winning Team New Work New Energy Car VR

- Jun 09, 2018-

The 2nd VIVEPORT Global Developer Contest (VDA2), hosted by VR leader HTC, after several months of fierce competition, has been closed at the front-end time, and corresponding awards have also been announced. Among them, Fujian TianQing Technology Co., Ltd. won the official recognition for the industry application “Vehicle Simulation Repair” which was quite popular in the viveport platform in 2017 and was shortlisted for the industry application award.


Recently, after six months of polishing, Fujian TianQing Science and Technology team has released a new version of DEMO “New Energy Vehicle VR” through VIVEPORT to provide users with a glimpse into the tip of the iceberg. This application is the process of using TianQing Science and Technology's latest logic algorithm to simulate the actual training of the training. The overall art level has also been greatly improved. The entire version of the overall course section has also increased a lot and is still being updated.


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