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VR/AR Innovation Is At The Forefront

- Oct 07, 2017-

After the unconscious of the PC era and the post-awareness of the mobile Internet era, our country has a clearer understanding of VR/AR's future. Nearly five years, when the global technology giants into the domain of VR/AR, our government, scientific research institutions, enterprises and entrepreneurs have actively take action, trying to seize this rare historical opportunity, so the VR/AR on the display terminal design, interactive technology, the application does not lag behind, even some are leading the global trend.

Now VR/AR technology is not very mature. The global tech giants are in the early stage of layout and exploration, and the domestic BAT is still in the forward-looking layout phase. Alibaba has invested in a number of AR industry chain companies, including Lumus, a waveguide optical programme company, and MagicLeap, a augmented reality company. Baidu publishes the AR development platform DuMix, which provides SDK and editor for the development of AR products. Tencent publishes the VRSDK and developer support plan, and opens QAR platform to allow developers to access the tencent AR module.

Unlike BAT, domestic startups are very active in VR/AR display terminals, and some of them are in the top of the world, from some parameters and light design. In 2016 chinajoy Hypereal display of VR helmet Pano, use 2 k resolution of the OLED display, with 110 ° view Angle, 90 hz refresh rate, and 11 of ms delay rate, on the part of the parameter has transcended the OculusRift, PSVR.

Similarly, our country AR glasses products are not lost to Microsoft's HoloLens in some parameters. Among them, NED+X1 field Angle (FOV) was over 40 degrees, which was more than 20% higher than that of Hololens. Its optical resolution as high as 1920 x 1080 is the world's first full hd AR smart glasses. The shadow creates a helmet Halo with AR/VR, 70 degree view Angle, and total delay control in 13ms.

From the light and thin design, China's VR/AR glasses are already leading the world. The multi-dole V1 smart glasses are only 88g, 16mm thick, with 2K hd resolution and a 105-degree view field. The weight of SeengeneX1 is 166g, which is 410g lighter than HoloLens.

And our virtual reality glasses have been applied to aerospace. The Chinese astronaut research and training center and the Beijing institute of technology and other virtual reality glasses have been successfully applied to the astronauts' psychological relief in the 33-day "space trip".


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