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VR Fitness Bike Is Good For Health

- Oct 09, 2017-

The VR theme park equipment manufacturer Movie Power, recently launched a VR fitness bike, the process of the game is the process of exercise. Let visitors ride on a bicycle and enjoy the scenery while burning calories!

 VR is a more advanced and cutting-edge imaging technology, bringing unprecedented "virtual reality" to players. Whereas exercise bikes VR theme park equipment, the user's vision, hearing and touch physical reaction together with the game environment, users believe they really riding in the virtual world like dream.

 Obesity is a nasty problem, and bicycle is an interesting sport. But after all, cycling is hard, how can people "suck" in the bicycle, and engage in fitness and fitness? Fitness bike VR theme park equipment, with VR interaction, body sense movement as the technology highlights, lets you immerse in a fantasy world. In order to find more beauty, force you to constantly move forward in a virtual environment.

vr bike simulator (7).jpg

 It is reported that the fitness bike has entered many VR theme parks, and the device will provide the public with a chance to experience the life style of VR technology. At the same time, we believe that this device is not only a virtual digital image, but also a benefit to our body. And we can not only ride the great scenic spots, but also feel the environment of the property that we admire.

 Fitness bike VR theme park equipment, equipped with speed and direction sensor. The faster the user steps on the pedal, the faster he can move in a virtual world. This workout bike is equipped with a manual resistance controller that makes it easier for users who want to increase their calorie consumption to step up resistance. Every VR theme park with fitness bike equipment has been experienced and watched in the sea of people. The small area of the exercise bike, the VR theme park has a more diverse experience!

vr bike simulator (14).jpg


 The fitness bike VR theme park device, which is seamlessly connected to various virtual reality worlds through adapters, will continue to provide new games for it. The future of VR has accelerated to us, and VR will revolutionize our lives in the years to come. In order to keep pace with The Times, you can also open a VR theme park!

vr bike simulator (4).jpg

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