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VR Racing Car Is Best Investment

- Oct 09, 2017-

In the VR theme park experience area, there is a racing type of amusement equipment. Players can wear VR glasses that are get into a world of virtual reality. Whether it's mountains, puddles, the ups and downs of the beach, or the friction of a turning or shifting ground on a track, it can be an immersive experience.

In today's innovative undertaking the best of times, science and technology and human wisdom after repeated collide with each other, VR (virtual reality), as a kind of can create and experience the virtual world of computer technology, can be achieved by the player in an immersive virtual world, greatly improve the gaming experience. Longcheng electronics has developed a series of VR theme park equipment that will enable the technology to develop in the pleasure market first.


No matter how gorgeous the graphics are, the console and keyboard alone won't make you feel like yourself. Want to pursue a more authentic racing experience? Take a look at the ultimate VR theme park in this VR racing car.Movie Power promises to bring accurate racing simulations to the players, providing real racing and track experiences. The VR simulation platform for car, including a 4 axis electric car seat, a steering wheel force feedback, as well as the clutch, the brake and accelerator pedal three metals, another six manual gear.

The VR racing car charge $20 for one player for one time, so can receive 100 customers a day, the revenue of the day will reach $2,000 , a month can get back the money.


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