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VR Simulator Is Heated In Summer Vacation

- Aug 31, 2017-


VR simulator is heated in summer vacation


Lao Yang's digital retail store is located in huijia building in xujiahui business district, which is known for the Pacific digital issue below.

His shop is tucked up on the second floor of one of Shanghai's oldest digital stores, a humble location.




Selling of digital products have been around for several years now, and Lao Yang is looking for a new way out. In July 2016, he opened a store on the 22nd floor of huijia building while the students were in the summer vacation. He was running a business that had not been tried befor——VR simulator gaming experience.




Lao Yang's shop is called the Dream Dog VR experience store, and I know it's on the 22nd floor of the office building, but it's out of the elevator and turns a corner, and still can't see the storefront or the sign, only to see that the corridor has piles of boxes.

Who can think of this messy place, hiding the high-tech that represents the future?


A room of about 30 square meters, several stools, two HTC Vive, and a few other plants are almost all of the VR simulator experience store. In China, there are at least a few thousand of them.



Why does a computer accessory retail store owner run a VR simulator experience store and serve as a waiter?The question doesn't seem to require Lao Yang to answer in the somewhat chilly Pacific digital.


Under the impact of e-commerce, the business of physical digital city has been declining. In February 2015, the adjacent Pacific digital city phase ii was officially closed. In recent years, the city of merlot has greatly reduced the sales proportion of digital products.


"Retail is very weak, the field is still busy in the shop and basically is taking care of the online shop.

In general, physical operations have fallen sharply.

Since 2002, the owner of a digital first phase in the Pacific, says that all businesses, including himself, have been in a less optimistic position in recent years.


When the business of physical digital store is down, there are also new changes in the offline experience business.


In the xujiahui subway station, I searched "VR" and other keywords to find 10 entertainment places that provide VR experience. Of the 10, only one is in digital city, with nine remaining in office space. Only four of these stores are VR experience stores, and the rest are offline entertainment venues such as private cinema or table Tours, just adding VR devices.


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