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VR Sound Equipment

- Jul 11, 2017-

(1) Three-dimensional stereo sound

Three-dimensional sound is not the concept of stereo, but a computer-generated, can be artificially set the sound source in space in the three-dimensional position of a synthetic sound, this sound technology not only takes into account the influence of the human head and trunk on the sound reflection, but also the real-time tracking of the human head, it is the virtual sound can change with the person's head movement correspondingly, thus can obtain the lifelike three-dimensional auditory effect.

(2) Speech recognition

The VR speech recognition system allows the computer to have the human auditory function, is the human-machine in the language this humanity most natural way carries on the information exchange, must according to the human's mechanism of occurrence and the hearing mechanism, add "vocal organs" and "auditory nerves" to the computer, and when participants speak to microphonic, the meter computer converts the words into a command flow, as in the case of a keyboard input command, and the most powerful and difficult is speech recognition in VR systems.

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