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VR Technology Into The Consumption Field

- Oct 31, 2017-

With the development of VR technology into the consumption field, the enhanced experience has become a new growth point in Internet commerce. In order to adapt to new consumption patterns, the automobile consumption area is also making changes.

VR is subsiding people's lives

At first, the VR technology has just come out, or fresh thing for many people, its initial design inspiration originates from military flight simulator, the fuselage and controller, engine and other flight simulator is connected together, so as to help the pilot before entering the real aircraft experience the feeling of flying, arrange a more reasonable training plan. Modern technology has seized on this feature, using VR technology to simulate scenes that are not normally accessible. From military field to civilian life, in less than a few years VR has invaded all walks of life, medical treatment, education, shopping consumption and so on. The medical community can use VR to simulate operation scene to improve cure rate. The education world can integrate the dry knowledge into the simulation; In the consumer domain, the experience of the shopping process can be enhanced by VR technology, and the new experience brought by VR technology is sweeping the world.

"Experiential" consumption is becoming mainstream

 Modern people pay more attention to efficiency, and people who are "afraid of trouble" try their best to find simpler and faster ways of shopping. From physical stores to the electricity network, the change from cash to fingerprint payment in proof "for lazy people service" is the trend of The Times, and pay attention to the consumption of shopping experience a sense of natural also won't let go of VR technology. The real estate industry, for example, has launched a "virtual showroom" with VR technology that allows users to quickly see their new homes. In the automobile industry, some car companies and car media have introduced new products such as VR test drive cars and VR smart exhibition halls to drive consumption. Just like the "smart exhibition hall" recently launched by the car home, consumers can go through multiple 4S stores without leaving their homes, breaking the barrier of time space. Through the intelligent exhibition hall, users can browse the models, check the preferential information, and compare the advantages of each store horizontally to select the satisfied models. This convenient and convenient way to look at the car greatly saves the user's time cost and also gives the user a good shopping experience. From the development trend of VR application, future enterprises will infiltrate and lay out their own business along with the consumption of mass entertainment consumption and quality life consumption. The "experiential" spending that is good for businesses and consumers is gradually changing the rules of the game.

In the future, VR technology will be further integrated into people's lives, and as a businessman will how to use the VR technology for consumers to create a good shopping environment, how to transform technology into sales performance, while comfortable service consumers, and can easily achieve sales, the companies will become the direction of future efforts to pursue. It will also make a big difference to the car industry.

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