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What Fun Does The 9D Vr Simulator Bring You

- Sep 05, 2017-

9D vr simulator is motion experience virtual reality platform, by virtual reality VR glasses, dynamic effects seats, 360 degree 9d films and four major part operating platform, let the audience from the hearing, sight, touch, the several aspects to achieve the most powerful, like in the movie, interesting. 9D vr simulator experience gives a person is a special surprise. Many vivid picture of scenes in front of you, but in practice it does not exist, but will you have a body in which the feeling. Through 9d cinema choose 9 d movie, bring the magic of VR helmet, sitting in a goose eggshell egg inside the seats, tied to a seat belt, magical experience is began.


 Some special stimulation on weekdays and you can't play the game again, like a roller coaster, super large pendulum, carry VR headsets, sitting in a goose eggshell 9D vr simulator experience inside the warehouse, the console played 9d roller coaster, you immediately begin to enter in mountain car, and you will see yourself sitting in the ready to go on the roller coaster, but not in your body, then you have the courage to challenge you have been afraid to sit a roller coaster. And the 9D vr simulator machine is full motion device that is to simulate a roller coaster routes and a dynamic, then your body will feel the passion of roller coaster. There are some other projects is also similar, we go to the cinema to watch horror films, for example, must also go up to a person, especially some timid girl, the male is indispensable. And if you sit on the DVR experience hall , although there is some fear in his heart, but your body's environment is different, this time you see the horror movies are less afraid of, but also can experience the feeling of stimulation exclaimed that. Huatai best suitable developed several types of 9D vr simulator experience pavilion, including three people, single, double, and if a few girlfriends can choose three people together, everybody experiences stimulate exclaimed VR visual feast.


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