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What Is 4dx Cinema

- May 04, 2018-

4dx cinema is a new experience that subvert the traditional and simple way of viewing the film. It leads the audience to become the role actor in the film and the art technology of the peak.

In each of the studios that apply the 4dx cinema technology, the special effects dynamic seats and magical environmental effects -- rain, snow, wind, fog, lightning and smell -- are perfectly combined with the movie scene.

The visual, tactile, auditory, and gustatory experiences of the audience make the audience seem to be participants in the film's wonderful plot, not just the spectators.

4dx cinema - TMS control system can be combined with 3 dof the broadcasting system smooth, relying on advanced technology to the audience every time in the 4d near-end experience as a unique journey, let the audience.

When the movie from the 3d movie era in large screen system, now the rapid development of dm, 4dx cinema new technology create exciting way of 4d movie, attracting more and more audience into the cinema, has become the development trend of future locations.


Main features of 4dx cinema

Let the audience and the movie's main characters synchronously experience the action, breeze, rain, smell and other special effects, and thus break through the normal cinema viewing mode and experience.

Let your movie city 4D hall each show, attract the audience to experience an endless magical journey.

The leading 4D experience.

4dx cinema film studio breaks the shackle of traditional visual experience mode, draws the audience into the cinema, leads the audience into the movie, and feels the plot.

It is compatible with the cinema line.

4dx cinema provides a strong compatibility system with strong applicability and high quality 3D solution; It also supports 2D and 3D films. A perfect combination of cinemas and cinemas.

Our 4D programming experts are dedicated to technology research and development, and we are eager to pursue a truly unique viewing experience.

Sixth generation seat system, the main parts adopt imported components, better compatibility, multiple expansion interface, count function, speed regulating function, self-developed servo system, the positioning accuracy, smoothness is higher, and soft.

4dx cinema special effects system

Lightning simulation

The lightning flashed in the mock film, with the thundering sound of lightning, making the audience feel as if they were in the middle of a summer thunderstorm.

Snow simulation

Snowflakes are efficient and quick to fly artificial snowflakes into the world.

Rain simulation

When there is rain in the film, the screening hall will raise the silk and rain flowers, the audience will feel the rain from the sky in real time.

Flow simulation

The wind blowing scene in the simulated movie scene or the large-scale gas flow, the fan work produces the real wind effect.

Bubble simulation

In the underwater world and underwater exploration, the divers, the aquatic animals and plants will spit out a lot of bubbles, blowing bubbles from the bubble machine floating in the projection hall.

Smoke simulation

Simulated combustion produces a large amount of smoke, which is accompanied by a "flame". A cloud of clouds wreathed the clouds.

4d theater  (20).jpg

4dx cinema dynamic seat

The advanced 4DM technology integrates movement and movement into the movie plot perfectly.

The 4dx cinema dynamic seat expands all possible movements, which can greatly help to create a unique atmosphere in which the audience is immersed in their environment while watching the film.

4d theater  (25).jpg

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