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What Is The 4D Movie

- May 04, 2018-

The 4D movie is a 3D film that brings special effects such as vibration, blowing, water spray, smoke, air bubbles, smell, scenery and character performance. To form a unique form of performance, this is a popular 4D movie today.

4D, actually this is a pseudo concept, 1D (one-dimensional) means only long or wide, 2D is long and wide, 3D means long and wide, and 4D refers to 3D with time dimension. For example, we live in 3D space (3D). Time and space are integral and cannot be separated. We're in four dimensions, three dimensions, one dimension. Every point on the timeline is a three-dimensional scene that makes up the world. So this is a pseudo-concept. In fact, the 3D game we play is only in the plane representation space, the actual meaning can only be 2D, and the real 3D is the holographic projection.

4 d film is also called the four dimensions, by three-dimensional film and the surrounding environment simulation of four dimensional space, it is on the basis of 3 d movie and environmental effects, simulation of new film and television products, through to the audience to film content of physical stimuli, to enhance telepresence effect. When the audience watching the 3 d movie, follow the change of the film and television content, it can feel the storm, thunder, rain, impact, spraying water mist around and shoot the legs, and stereo image matching what is happening in 4 d seat is a water spray, jet, vibration, and legs


The 4d cinema

And so on, aerodynamic. Environmental simulation refers to the installation of special effects equipment such as snow, rain, lightning and smoke in the cinema to create an environment consistent with the content of the film. The above two kinds of films are both immersive and thrilling. These two films have both commonness and individuality. The mirror, the thrill and the feeling of technology are their commonalities. One is to feel stimulated in motion, one is to feel the stimulus in sight, this is its personality.

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