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What Is The Different Between 3D Cinema And 4D Dynamic Cinema

- May 04, 2018-

3D cinema

3d cinema is on the basis of common projection digital movie, made in content, dislocation sources use around eyes picture 2 road, according to each channel related projection screen using two projectors projection screen, with polarized lens polarized glasses, sources around eyes images respectively antipodal projected onto the audience around the eye, resulting in a three-dimensional face effect.

3D stereoscopic cinema is generally designed in the form of arc curtain, which is more solid. 3 d cinema equipment composition is mainly composed of sources of broadcast equipment, multimodal fusion processing equipment, the projector (left and right channel number, arc projection screen, polarized lenses, polarizing film, audio and other equipment.

4D dynamic cinema

4D dynamic cinema -- it's a 3D movie theater, which is based on 3D stereoscopic cinema, with various special effects and professional dynamic seats in the surrounding environment. Environmental effects generally refers to the lightning simulation/rain/snow/smoke simulation/bubble/hot water drop/vibration reduction/spray simulation/jet/spray sweep/leg/ErFeng ErYin/windy/etc. Many of them. Form a unique form of performance, this is the popular 4D dynamic cinema.

4D film is a combination of stereoscopic film and special effects cinema. In addition to the three-dimensional visual images, showing the scene also can simulate lightning, fog, snow, smell the natural phenomena, such as the audience seat can also produce drop, vibration, wind, water, and legs. These special effects and stereoscopic images are closely combined with the plot, which can bring new entertainment effects to the audience in visual and physical experience, as if they are in an immersive and intense stimulation.

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