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What Is The Different Between The Electric And Pneumatic 4D Cinema Seats

- May 04, 2018-

4D cinema seats is the core key equipment, also known as 4d motion seat, 4d cinema seats, 4d effects seats, etc., there is currently no unified standard in the industry, as one of the earliest services cinema 4 d, 4 d positive energy, leading the 4d cinema industry healthy and orderly development, and make unremitting efforts to promote the 4 d cinema industry prosperity.

4d cinema is based on 3d cinema and a seat effects and environmental effects of new cinema, 4d seats according to the movie plot of falling, swing up and down, left and right sides, back and forth, facial spray, facial jet, low frequency vibration, sweep the leg, poke back, other special effects, Cinemas and environmental effects such as rain, snow, bubble, lightning, wind, smoke, etc., make people get visual, hearing, touch, smell, etc, the scene in the movie plot, dreaming, don't know in the cinema or body in real life. 4 d movie completely changed people's experience, the use eyes to see the movie, a revolutionary change to use your body to experience the film. (special equipment according to customer requirements accordingly increase or decrease)

4d seat effects and various environmental effects with the audience to experience as it were, for the adventure of movie plot, in the film, the audience effects with the film 

Guangzhou Movie Power dynamic 4d seats can realize down, up and down, swinging, facial spray, facial jet, low frequency vibration, sweep the leg, tong back, ball, ErFeng and other special effects, these effects have been widely used in more than 20 domestic mainstream cinema, its reliability is very good.


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