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What Is The Future Development Of 4D Cinema

- Oct 17, 2017-

4d cinema is another revolution caused the birth of film and television, turning traditional movie concept in the past, very shock within easy reach of the true feelings, viewer have said this is not a movie but personally directed and starred in a film. Although the 4D cinema has been born for several years, it has not been popularized. The reason must not be that simple...


Throughout the history of the film, from the past black-and-white silent films to the black and white films, to the color 2D films, now to the 3D movie the world. Movie happened a few times great revolution of science and technology, each time to bring a leap development progress, viewing the movie idea change, from receive the praise, finally to the point of the 3 d to watch. Will the 4D cinema replace 3D as a new favorite? The debate has been heated in the industry, and it has not been stopped.

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4 d cinema is on the basis of 3 d cinema and dynamic follow-up effects and the effect of scenes of mutual fusion, film and television products, its the screen effect is better, simulation, such as wind, rain in the film played incisively and vividly, immersion with place oneself among them real experience. For this reason, many moviegoers do not support the popularity of 4D cinema. They think it's just grandstanding, and the movie doesn't care too much about form, which is good movie. Spielberg, the world's leading director, has said that the film is too real to lose the meaning of the film itself, without the imagination and mystery.

More support for the 4 d cinema, of course, its widespread use, think it can let the viewer to experience in their feelings, to subvert the past picture type movie idea, striking picture and real artistic conception, is a kind of multiple enjoy to enjoy the sight, hearing, sense of touch, this is the movie cannot reach the realm.

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What is the future development of 4D cinema? It's about to the future developing tendency of the film and television technology, now the viewer's eye is more and more captious, demand more and more big, so the development of 4 d cinema is benign, needs to develop science and technology, as people accept 3 d cinema, is only a matter of time. Because it is the inevitable technological product of The Times, at least now the 4D cinema screens are full and popular.

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