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What Positive Effects Does VR Have On Social Progress?

- Aug 17, 2018-

What positive effects does VR have on social progress?

As an innovative tool, virtual reality (VR) is forming a positive driving force to help companies promote more goods and services through amazing new ways. Driven by it, these companies have brought a very positive impact on society and actively promoted social progress.


1. Raise funds for social welfare

Forbes defines crowdfunding as an Internet-based financing initiative that collects a small amount of revenue from a large number of individuals into a huge social welfare fund.This approach is rapidly gaining popularity. In 2010, the company successfully raised $880 million in crowdfunding revenue. By 2014, this number had soared to $16 billion.Companies that are currently seeking crowdfunding are also showing their community projects through virtual reality (VR).

2. Training of the public safety team

The military and agencies responsible for responding to emergencies have conducted a series of studies involving the induction of individual people into an emergency state under certain pressures, and thus developed simulation training that strengthens the self-conceptual awareness of the heart. Improve your ability to respond quickly to urgent problems.


3. VR promotes positive human behavior

Game companies earn twice as much as the film industry, generating $80 billion in annual revenue. In recent years, games and virtual reality have begun to affect consumer behavior. Due to the realistic and realistic virtual world environment of VR, the behavior of players in virtual reality usually affects the behavior in real life.

4. Student VR course

In Pennsylvania, high school students use HTC Vive virtual reality devices to develop and design teaching projects. According to Tony O'Neal, a teacher at Milton Hershey High School, students can build prototypes and designs faster through the VR form of teaching compared to the slow process of using hand-animated sketches. Students also use virtual reality technology for geographic exploration. Using Google Expeditions, a virtual reality teaching tool, students can explore many places that are difficult to visit in reality, such as the ocean floor and the moon.

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