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What Spark Can VR+ Travel Crash?

- Jun 02, 2018-

In order to continuously meet the people’s growing needs for a better life and better serve the promotion and popularization of China’s tourist attractions, the China Tourism Newspaper officially launched the “Very Beautiful Life • Most Beautiful China” VR Panorama Tourism Area Public Welfare Communication Project and during the China International Travel Fair, The China Tourism Newspaper Pavilion received an on-site experience and consultation.

The combination of VR+ tourism is an important development direction for future travel, tourism, and cultural tours. For tourists to travel more relaxed and comfortable, so that tourists no longer feel that long-distance travel is a chore. Tourism is emerging as a way to use the most fashionable VR technology to develop new travel products. In this way, we can immerse ourselves in the environment to experience the attractions of our minds, which may become a new outlet in the VR field.


Derivative application of VR+ tourism:

1. The activities of the tourism supplement reduce the waiting time, make the journey no longer boring, give a long journey different experience. Especially for long-distance travel, the recreational effects of VR glasses have significant advantages over seat screens. VR is more immersive than traditional 2D screens. Users can completely immerse themselves in exciting content and forget that they are in the car or on the plane.

2. The tour guide training VR guide training, truly simulates the action and language of the tour guide in the real world, and cooperates with the scenes in the attraction to form an interactive simulation training environment. Students can walk in the country's major scenic spots for practical training.

3. The scenic exhibitions display the historical and cultural origins of development within the exhibition area, and supplement the scenic spots that cannot be restored or actually arrived. VR technology can not only demonstrate the magnificent beauty of natural landscapes, but also simulate the restoration of the historical landscape of cultural landscapes. Therefore, many digital museums have applied such techniques. It is hard to imagine the scene at the time just because of the written narrative. The Capital Museum therefore thought of using VR technology for on-site restoration. Visitors can not only see the details of the scenic area without leaving home, but also can see asymmetrical resources that are not open to the outside world or are not regularly opened. Whether it is to screen tourist destinations or experience thrilling tourism landscapes, VR can satisfy user needs.


4. The new marketing service model VR can play a very helpful role in pre-trip experience and decision-making for tourism. It can provide the most vivid information for tourists' decision-making. For those sights that have not been visited, consumers can view the scenery of the destination through VR to decide whether they want to go to this sights. In an immersive experience, a joyful atmosphere can be felt through the screen. The quasi-realistic technology has greatly saved people's decision-making costs and also enabled the scenic spot to better display its unique tourism resources and attract tourists.


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