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When Vr Meet The 4d Theater

- Nov 01, 2017-

The movies today has already become a part of our everyday life, not just because of the release of the film, more important is emerge in endlessly cinema technology can bring us more immersive effect, the traditional film technology, more note attaches great importance to the auditory experience, such as 3 d, IMAX, etc. In conjunction with the shocking sound technology, strive to create a sense of immersion for the audience.

And the emergence of 4d theater technology, will shake, blowing, water spray, smoke, bubble, smell, setting and characters show effect simulation is introduced into 3 d movies, the special effects and plot together, cooperate theater power seats, create a consistent with the content of the environment, let the audience by sight, smell, hearing and touch multiple body sensory experience brought a new entertainment film effect, immersive, thrilling and exciting. But many of the friends who watched the 4D movie made fun of "it's a good movie." Due to the current technology is not mature, 4 d films and there is no universal access at home, but this does not prevent it will become the future mainstream cinema, so the future of cinema which can bring us different experience?

The words D IMAX 4K are undoubtedly the current representative of cinema technology, and most theaters now use polarizing 3D technology. The principle of image is divided into a longitudinal and transverse polarized light, polarized light and then in the 3 d glasses left and right eye were fitted with vertical polaroid and horizontal polaroid, thus ensure the different polarized light into the corresponding to the glasses, the brain synthetic stereo picture. So why is polarized 3D so popular? First, the price of polarized 3D glasses is cheaper, which can greatly reduce the purchase cost of the cinema. Secondly, because of the light weight of polarimetric 3D glasses, the glasses do not need to be closed, so there is no blinking phenomenon. The audience is not tired for a long time.

IMAX is an acronym for Image Maximum, which means the largest Image, a movie projection system that can show a larger and higher resolution than a traditional film. The standard IMAX screen is 22 meters wide and 16 meters high. And IMAX 3 d technology is IMAX 3 d the film, IMAX 3 d USES two sets IMAX dedicated 15/70 film, corresponding to one eye and a plate of film by polarization filter glasses or infrared synchronization system with electronic glasses to provide two separate images. In combination with the IMAX screen, IMAX 3D can give the audience a very realistic and more stereoscopic view effect.

Compared with more than 3 d and IMAX, the number of 4 d movie at home is less, the resolution of the 4 k is Hollywood's latest standard, we usually common 4 k resolution of 4096 x 2160, restricted to high production costs, 4 k film was slow in popularity around the world, since neither of the early stage of the film, the film storage, post-production, cinema, requires special equipment of 4 k. Currently, the manufacturers that can produce 4K projectors have 3DLP chips made of TI, NEC, NEC, and SONY with LCoS. In addition, it's hard to tell the difference between a 4K film and a 2K movie in terms of the audience's actual viewing experience. Therefore, there is no need to introduce 4K film projection system on a large scale.

In addition to 3 d, IMAX, 4 k, also appeared a new breakthrough in cinema screen technology, such as Pakistan's Escape triple screen technology, the three screens together according to certain Angle split, according to related staff, relative to the main screen, the two sides on either side of the screen into the depth of the theater had better be in more than 35%, the best is 50%. The Angle between the two screens and the main screen is 98 degrees, ideally between 105 and 110 degrees.

For the court line, it is not difficult to introduce such a three-way screen technology. It only needs to build on the basis of previous cinema construction, adding two supporting screens, two movie projectors and automatic control systems. Moreover, the cinema can also transfer the curtain of the two sides to both sides of the wall through the automatic control system without the need of the three-way screen, which can be used flexibly and conveniently. When it comes to the way to make the Escape film, you can use a single 6K camera to shoot the film.

4d theater film is composed of 3 d movies and the surrounding environment simulation of four dimensional space, it is on the basis of 3 d movies and environmental effects, simulation of new film and television products, through to the audience to film content of physical stimuli, to enhance telepresence effect. When watching stereoscopic films, the audience can feel the physical sensations of storms, lightning, rain, impact, spray spraying, legs and so on in real time.

VR technology is the abbreviation of Virtual Reality, which translates into the meaning of Virtual Reality. As the name implies, it is through the technical means to create a realistic virtual reality effect. One of the first things to do with VR is Oculus, the most iconic product of which is the daft headgear. So when VR and 4D technology combine, will they become the mainstream view of the future?

In my view, the 4d theater and VR technology is not mature, actually from torture audience 4 d to dizzy VR, if only to stunt to bind the two simple together, will not get the desired results. 4 d is actually a very good development direction of future films, if we can combine the scene of the movie content and physical change is good, for example, in the process of the development of the movie, theater seat, smoke, such as to cooperate, rather than changes in order to pursue, so could backfire, brings bad experience.

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