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Why Aren't Phones Replaced By VR Devices?

- Nov 04, 2017-

 Firstly, the narrow understanding of VR is the display and interactive technology of content, which is the medium of information. Since human in upper cave murals, painting, photography, film, and then to virtual reality and augmented reality, display and interaction technology has been change, but did not become the primary content, connotation is to express the content. For example, watching video games, video and games are information, but VR technology is not information but media. Some people say that the VR market is small, and there are few r&d investment and technical bottlenecks. In fact, the problem of VR is not in the market scale or the technical bottleneck, but the market lacks the real demand to upgrade the content medium. What the user consumes is the content itself, which is more important than the media attribute. For example, if you watch avatar on your phone, TV, or movie theater, you won't see avatar because of the VR device. The bottleneck of VR is the lack of media demand, not the shortage of technology. Therefore, the investment of VR content is far more than that of hardware investment.

The second generation of technological revolution is the result of the spontaneous selection of the market, and the result is that the technology and products of this generation have sufficient substitutability. For example, mobile phones can be used to replace PC, because the mobile Internet can be realized with the same utility. New energy vehicles such as alternative fuel vehicles, in a single charge under the background of increasing range, new energy vehicles can reach the same fuel vehicle utility, and cheaper to use more environmentally friendly. But where is the alternative of VR to the phone? The implementation of VR requires a hardware device, or a helmet, or wearable, which ultimately relies on hardware. But it's a problem that VR hardware can get a bigger advantage than mobile phones. There's no evidence that the device is on or on the head, and it's a better user experience than holding it in your hand, and Google glasses and apple watch are good examples.

The third through virtual reality simulates a new visual space time. Video has its own laws, and 100 years ago, the movie of human beings was a montage of battleship potemkin, which is the law of art, and the news content also has its production and communication rules. VR can be used on news sites, concerts and sports. NextVR sports broadcast video I've ever seen, the picture you can sitting on the sidelines watching the game, if this experience really is better than all kinds of Angle and JingBie TV switch, believe television broadcast early is VR view a lot of people have been to the concert scene, think about what can you see at the scene really more abundant than on TV screen? In fact, there is no information in VR sky week. This information overload has no communication value in addition to the so-called "immersive" information. In these scenes, VR devices are pseudo-demand and pseudo-use scenarios. In fact, the market has already made the choice for VR, and now it is very immature to be sure.


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