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Why Is HTC Vive Infinite Space Walk Platform Successful

- Oct 09, 2017-

Now virtual reality is very hot, in Oculus, HTC Vive and PSVR, temporarily HTC Vive won. But the author estimates that even if PSVR goes on sale, the eventual winner will be HTC Vive. The heat of the infinite space walking platform built from Movie Power can be seen, and the detailed reasons are also invited to listen to me slowly.

The HTC Vive is actually a two-handed game, and the laser locator can track all the movements of the head and both hands controllers, allowing players to do all kinds of movements with both hands. This also makes the HTC Vive very suitable for entering VR amusement places, so the longcheng electronics will make it into an infinite space walking platform.

Player hands can dance, this advanced play, let HTC Vive have the upper hand in the competition. In Oculus and PSVR, people can only press buttons on the handle, which is less than the keyboard and mouse. And it's not so good to push a button, it just hits the button, and even the launch of the atomic bomb is a pushbutton.

HTC Vive (4).jpg

The HTC Vive can be successful in the infinite space walking platform, and one reason is simple and easy to get started. Not only are female gamers like easy-to-use games, but men also prefer simple, easy-to-use games. If you look at the outdoor big theme park, which rides are complicated to think about.

HTC Vive (7).jpg

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