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Word Of Mouth, Coco Is Actually Playing VR Marketing

- Jun 02, 2018-

Recently, an animation repeatedly broke the circle of friends and succeeded in harvesting the tears of the domestic audience. Many people who saw it spontaneously called the movie. It was the dream of Disney (Pixar Animation Studio). “Coco” has been released for half a month, and the score of Douban still has 9.1 points. 

Pixar, as an animation company, not only excels in "moving the audience" but also is very sensitive in terms of technology. With the release of “Coco”, Pixar also launched the VR experience “Coco VR”. It may be inconvenient to shed tears with VR headset. Pixar transformed the VR version of “Coco” into happiness. A short video clip of a sudden change in style allows fans to join their friends and transform themselves into a happy world.


In the VR video, Mig made a brief opening and the player entered the land of the dead. The residents of the undead land will enthusiastically tell you that the performance will begin soon. You need to control your "body" with the Oculus Rift heads and handles and change the dress and hairstyle before the mirror. Then players came to the lively city square, took a train, and shuttled around the bizarre city. Experience this trip personally and pass by in the colorful floating district. You will sigh what a beautiful place. It can be a single experience or a multi-person experience, supporting up to four players in a social space at the same time. Some of the scenes in the VR movie are related to the movie plot. The players who watched this movie will feel more intimate.

Nowadays, for marketing purposes, some movie studios will also launch a VR trial version bundled with the movie to enhance the viewing experience and indirectly promote the movie. For a movie to get good box office results, the quality of the work itself is crucial, but the corresponding marketing should also be synchronized to follow-up.


No matter how good your product is, no one knows this product and it is useless. As Jingdong has been at the forefront with low-price strategies from the beginning, but it also faces the strong brand and channel advantages of traditional enterprises in the medium term, and it is now adjusting in time, making full use of its marketing communications advantages in e-commerce and strengthening brand building. Only then has it kept its position as a market leader. What you want to get is not just about paying more, but you need to use the right marketing methods.

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