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You Need To Consider These Issues In The Virtual Reality VR Theme Park

- Oct 25, 2017-

The virtual reality VR theme park is considered to be the first form of profit in the wave of VR. From last year to this year, there are more and more VR offline experience stores, and the survey is expected to reach 10,000 this year! At the same time, the virtual reality VR theme park is facing the fate of shuffling, but the industry has just started, and everyone has equal opportunities. At least for now, it won't be squeezed by the giants, so there is still a lot of room for development. The virtual reality VR theme park is still the first choice for investors in the current stage of investment. What should we consider in opening a virtual reality VR theme park ?

1, The location is the first, the one who is not afraid, most afraid of is traffic for you is not optimal, so the VR offline experience pavilion's location in downtown a popular place, such as commercial square, pedestrian street, shopping centers, tourist scenic spots, etc.;

2, Experience, service, atmosphere, many do not afraid, most afraid of is like shopping mall, countless pairs of eyes staring at you, or your virtual reality VR theme park white walls all around how to take pictures are not appropriate, not to show off to experience the latest best technology products and games;

3, The management is very important also, many do not afraid, most afraid of is the guest you are similar, when convenient to where, where is cheaper, so the VR experience hall game update is convenient, scalable repeatable consumption ability, VR offline experience pavilion operators to encourage consumers to do the membership card, make oneself of the VR offline experience pavilion can attract consumers repeated consumption;


virtual reality VR theme park at present such as VR egg chair, 6 seats vr family,VR racing car as the main form, retooling costs around $3000 (10 square meters), normally 3 to 5 months to recover the cost. Some stores have losses, mainly because of insufficient human traffic;

Currently, virtual reality VR theme park if owner through simple VR equipment such as egg chair, let more people know about VR profit mainly by one-off consumption, along with the development of VR virtual reality hunting gold products is not only confined to the VR egg chair, hunting gold VR VR singing machine is developed by ourselves, VR universe ares, VR against heroes stand of interactive VR devices, let VR offline experience pavilion equipment more diverse, more profitable.

Open a virtual reality VR theme park, choose Movie Power VR equipment manufacturers, professional operating managers one-on-one service, help you succeed holding the opening, 

More details please feel free to contact us!



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