9d VR Game

9d VR Game

Amusement Equipment Zombie Multiplayer 9d Vr Game Machine Virtual Reality Simulator.Not only does it bring a stronger visual impact to the player on the screen, but it also inspires the player to maintain the state of combat readiness at all times.

Product Details

Amusement Equipment Zombie Multiplayer 9d Vr Game Machine Virtual Reality Simulator

Military shooters can't miss the annual show! The main multiplayer collaboration, interactive, can experience super PVP warfare, shooting zombies, Jurassic dinosaur wars and other multi-theme games.The game can achieve 4VS4 combat mode, play with your friends, team battles, competitive rankings, and burn your fighting soul!
It can be used as an entertainment, e-sports and military science experience to the masses, and can be used in the military industry and military training. For military fans, weapon fans, and the general public, the protagonist, panoramic view, extremely realistic and spectacular VR military shooting experience has great appeal.

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Parameter for VR Shooting Game Simulator
Product name
9d VR Game
24-hour after sales service worldwide
12 months,lifetime maintenance

9d VR Game Introduction

1. Infinite War

A strong competitive shooting VR game played by 2 people. The game has a very high confrontational intensity throughout the game. The players are divided into attackers and defenders. The goal of the attackers is to break all defense points. Break through the final defense point.
Attacks can accumulate energy bars to release missiles and cause huge damage. Both the offensive and defensive sides need to make a balance and choice between killing the enemy and attacking obstacles / zombies. The goal is to determine the winner within 10 minutes!

2. New Dead Prison

In the hospital corridor, isolated and helpless, countless monsters will surge like tide. All living creatures appearing in front of you are your enemies. Don't show mercy, shoot them immediately. Attacking the monster's head will destroy them more quickly. Watch out for the monsters from both sides of the corridor, they will suddenly appear in front of you, be alert at all times. Some monsters have flames on them, and they will suddenly take off. Please start firing before they jump, otherwise it will be too late. If there are too many monsters, it is too late to destroy them. Attacking the blue oxygen cylinder in the corridor can kill a lot of monsters and quickly clear the siege.

9d VR Game Application

Playground, video game city, scenic area, park, resort, etc.

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Advantage for 9d VR Game

1. It can 4VS4 combat, both cooperative and PK battle
2. Experience freedom, spatial positioning technology, spatial displacement and motion recognition
3. Really restored design, intelligent sensor gun, infrared proofreading, high sensitivity
4. Simple operation, easy to get started and play, gun down and lift up to switch bullets
5. Highly playable and sticky, equipped with the "Infinite War" shooting game to satisfy the stimuli and surprises pursued by the players

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