India 9dvr 9d Virtual Reality Cinema

India 9dvr 9d Virtual Reality Cinema

Product Details

  Since 2015 9dvr was invented, more than 10,000 9dvr Experience Halls have been established all round the world and more than100 million people around the world have got a chance to enjoy thrilling 9dvr experiences.


Matters need attention:

 At least once a week to check the machine, check the cylinder pivot screw tightness, to ensure the safety of the platform;Pay attention to the shock and the platform inside the line, do not touch the line under the platform, so as not to cause the line problems caused by the machine can not operate properly.

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India 9dvr 9d Virtual Reality Cinema1 / 2 / 3 Seats:

Transmission:3 electric cylinders
Front and behind rotation angle:30°
Left and right rotation angle:30°
Front and behind rotational speed:25°/sec
Left and right rotational speed:25°/sec
Up and down margin:400mm
Up and down speed:250mm/sec
Horizontal rotation angle:360°
Horizontal choose speed:10°/sec




Why choose India 9dvr 9d Virtual Reality Cinema?

1.Compared with the traditional entertainment industry,this project will bring more profits but with small investment.

2. Low obstacle and little investment,easy to select a place to run.

3. Individualized customization,Flexible configuration.

4.Motion platform,move Left and right,backward and forward according to the games.

5.Gun shooting interactive .

6.360°panoramic simulation.

7.More than 120 games. 

8.Easy move and small spaces.


Where to place the India 9dvr 9d Virtual Reality Cinema?

Tourist attractions.

All kinds of Club, including private company club and racking club.

Star hotels.


Movie theater,home theater.


Auto show.


Science promotion activities and so on.

Any way,they can be used in any activities to let the display more headline-grabbing

How to make profit from India 9dvr 9d Virtual Reality Cinema?

1)India 9dvr 9d Virtual Reality Cinema is a new product in China.
It's absolutely different from 5d motion cinema, 7d interactive cinema.

2)Viewers just need to put on VR glasses and then go into the world of the movies.It breaks the limit of virtual and real world and takes viewers amazing experience.

3) Movie Power is the professional supplier of  9d VR cinema.

4)Our powerful R&D team is technical assurance:9d technology,product quality, movies update.Our professional after-sale service team is your support.

5)Compared to foreign suppliers, our price is more competitive.It brings great business 



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