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Movie Power will attend the 52nd MOS

- Aug 24, 2019-

Movie Power will attend the 52nd MOS

【Exhibition time】 10th - 13th September 2019

【Exhibition location】 Dečkova 1, 3102 Celje, Slovenia

【Booth】B12 Hall A



About the fair

MOS MOS is a business and fair event that annually attracts over 800 direct and 1400 represented exhibitors and over 100,000 visitors.. It is divided into five segments: MOS Dom, MOS Tehnika, MOS Turizem, MOS B2BandMOS Plus. MOS is complemented by lectures, events and workshops from various fields, where you can get plenty of useful information about home construction or how to establish a company. Traditionally, the fair has a partner country, which makes it easier to establish economic connections between the countries. This year our partner country is Montenegro.

MOS B2B: Event for business opportunities; ideal for networking with entrepreneurs from Slovenia and elsewhere. For those with ambitions

MOS Plus: The fair as you used to know it; various products at amazing prices. For just about everyone.

We will bring our the hot sales products: VR Moto、VR Super Racing、VR 360 Flight Simulator、VR Shark、VR Slide

Pls kindly contact Rachel 

WhatsApp/Skype/Phone: +8618027386365



Products Catalogue:Please leave your Email & WhatsApp & Phone number, I' ll send the products catalogue to you soon

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