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Virtual Reality Simulator

9D VR Virtual reality simulator, translated as dynamic experience virtual reality platform, it's consist of (VR) glasses, dynamic special effects platform, 9d films and PC operating platform, make the audience to have the most powerful relalism sense from the auditory,

Product Details

VIrtual reality simulator

9D VR Virtual reality simulator, translated as dynamic experience virtual reality platform, it's consist of (VR) glasses, dynamic special effects platform, 9d films and PC operating platform, make the audience to have the most powerful relalism sense from the auditory, visual , tactile, so that can enjoy the experience to fall, vibration and other new real feeling, immersive and fun

9D Virtual reality simulator has a wide range for operating and without limitation. The places where have large passenger flow are all allowed, such as: amusement park, square, theater cinema, farm, indoor and outdoor children's playground, spa resort, beach resort.

simulator equipment 9d vr.jpg

What is the detail info of virtual reality simulator?

1).22 inch LG touch screen, coin control screen,42in big screen for your option.the controller is three in one with newest technology; 
2).The screen is use LCD lamp light instead of OLED.
3).Use taiwan motor+Japan Koyo bearings . 
4).Electric cylinder instead of pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder.
5).Famous brand 3 Glasses, ours resolution is 2560*1440
6).We Offer 100 pcs good quality 5d movies and 30pcs 360 degree movie at first time, update two each months.

7).We are safe package by use wooden case.

9D Cinema Simulator.jpg

Unprecedented investment opportunities of the Virtual reality simulator

1. Compared to the traditional entertainment industry,ultra-high profits

Traditional entertainment industry competition,profit is transparent.Now 9d vr is an emerging industry,competitiveness almost zero,low investment and high profits 

2. The investment threshold is low,easy location

Just a few square meters of space,breaking the traditional business model of the facade of the site depends,in any crowded local schools,pedestrian street,commercial plaza,residential,supermarkets and other operations are suitable. 

3. The personalized customization,flexible configuration items.

Considering customer traffic and space allocation,based on customized high throughput efficiency optimization programs,flexible configuration.


Successful case:

The most successfully Case from Chile, earn back all cost within one month!
High quality, repair rate is below 5%

VR product 9d.jpg


1 Seat

2 Seats

3 Seats
















Fiberglass and metal

9d vr 3d glasses.jpg


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