VR Car Racing Sinulator 9D VR Game Simulator
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  • VR Car Racing Sinulator 9D VR Game Simulator
  • VR Car Racing Sinulator 9D VR Game Simulator
  • VR Car Racing Sinulator 9D VR Game Simulator
  • VR Car Racing Sinulator 9D VR Game Simulator
  • VR Car Racing Sinulator 9D VR Game Simulator

VR Car Racing Sinulator 9D VR Game Simulator

VR racing simulator is a device that uses virtual reality technology (Virtual Reality) to simulate the racing driving experience. It creates an immersive racing driving feeling by combining devices such as a head-mounted display, sports seats, controllers or steering wheels. Compared with real racing, VR racing simulator has higher safety. Users can experience the thrill of high-speed driving in a virtual environment without worrying about the risks and dangers they may face in real driving. Through the VR racing simulator, people can enjoy a realistic racing experience at home or in a gaming venue, improve driving skills, experience speed and passion, and compete with other players. This technology not only has a wide range of applications in the entertainment field, but can also be used in areas such as driving training and simulation.

Product Details

Products decriptions

The Theory of Racing Car 9d VR Simulator:

Highly simulated and super interactive 360 degree rotation driving simulator newly launched by our company, is also called game and film all in one. It consists of 360 degree rotation and super interactive dynamic platform, high-definition 3D game, and stereo surround sound. Audience not only can play the air combat, car racing, speedboat dynamic interactive games, but also can see stereoscopic dynamic movies wearing 3D glasses. It has super difficult and exciting actions and interactive plot that ordinary 3 degrees of freedom.








Why choose Racing Car 9d VR Simulator?

1) It is convenient to change the steering wheel which makes you feel more realistic when playing the games.


2) No need to edit the motion files for the games, no need to worry about the quantity of the games and the games are out of fashion.


3) Support multi machine connection together, players can play the same game together, after the game finished, there is rank, brings strong interest.


4)Install the coin machine, run automatic after insert coin, save labor


5)Multi difficulty levels and different racing tracks for option


6)Suitable game for all type of location, kids and adults.

Racing Car 9d VR Simulator


Parameter for Racing Car 9d VR Simulator 
Product Name
VR Super Racing
Standby power consumption
Working power consumption
Net weight
VR Helmet
Deepoon E3C
3 square meters

Racing Car 9d VR Simulator


Where can I run the Racing Car 9d VR Simulator?

There are some sites available. Such as indoor playgrounds, theme parks, popular science exhibition hall, vacation spots, private business club, Racing Club, racing simulation teaching, auto 4S shops, high-end real estate sales, hotel, KTV, game room, a large cinema, home theater , auto, aviation exhibition, various large-scale events .


Profit Analysis

With VR- racing, you can Earn USD $108000/year! Ticket price can be set at $5-$10. The movie duration is 5-10 minutes, every hour can probably have at least six batches of spectators.


Operating Time Profit Analysis Total Profit
One day $5*6batches*10hours $300
One mouth $5*6batches*10hours*30days $9000
One year $5*6batches*10hours*30days*12months $108000

Company information


Guangzhou Movie Power Technology Co., Ltd is engaged in 5D/7D/8D/9D VR Cinema and Racing Car Simulator technology development and application of high-tech company.We are in research,development, production, marketing and operations. Fully equipped with independent research and development capabilities of VR video content team.Advantage in 5D/7D/8D/9D VR Cinema and Racing Car Simulator field experience of store construction, operation and commercial VR technology with leading-edge equipment.


Why choose us

1.The most excellent and stable quality of the equipment
2.Perfect service system
3.Enough experience in game center engineer. We can adjust the game machine as you want, make a personalized design for you.
4.Professional team offers technical support to customers.
5.The technicians could go to your city to help you to solve the problems of your game center.

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