• Vr Racing Simulator

    Vr Racing Simulator

    The use of force feedback steering wheel design, vr racing simulator used two degrees of freedom of the dynamic platform, a small action swing, but it can be a perfect simulation of the real feeling of the car.

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  • Vr Driving Simulator

    Vr Driving Simulator

    vr driving simulator allow players to combine the vibration of the product with the game to make a more authentic experience. Cute look, attract adult and children's eyes.You can choose to play with VR glasses, or you can choose not to play with VR glasses.Two modes, compatible with more people.

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  • Car Racing Vr

    Car Racing Vr

    The car racing vr used the dynamic seat can read the force feedback date in the game,dynamically reflected to the driver.

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  • Vr Racing Car

    Vr Racing Car

    Using VR helmet and screen two designs, more sensitive to the sense of vertigo, you can experience through the front of the high-definition screen racing car simulation.

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  • Virtual Reality Car Racing

    Virtual Reality Car Racing

    Virtual reality car racing looking seems to be exalted and armor vehicles are forged with dynamic technology. It’s the key point to be victory without any driving but cruch on its design.Focal point to the whole and to be the dominated.One appearance is to be heated enough.

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  • Virtual Reality Driving Simulator

    Virtual Reality Driving Simulator

    virtual reality driving simulator isto provide visual, auditory, tactile and other three-dimensional panoramic 360-degree sensory simulation, the imagination of the ideal country and science fiction experience to show more realistic results to meet the human desire for a dream come true, so that...

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  • Vr Car Racing

    Vr Car Racing

    vr car racing is Italy F1 racing car design, with the current market the most advanced force feedback steering wheel;professional set up 5-speed variable speed as a whole, easier to control.Italian racing class seats, ergonomic,

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  • Virtual Reality Car Simulator

    Virtual Reality Car Simulator

    Virtual reality car simulator is a racing simulator designed to use virtual reality technology, mainly including VR helmet or VR glasses, computer host and dynamic simulation car seats.

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  • Virtual Reality Driving

    Virtual Reality Driving

    360 degree dynamic virtual reality driving racing car is produced independently by Movie Power technology, which adapts international leading dynamic control technology and original inflective arm type of 3 dof dynamic platform, marking it combine with the game closely.

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  • Vr Car Driving Simulator

    Vr Car Driving Simulator

    Movie Power’s vr car driving simulator can be used for a variety of indoor playgrounds, theme parks, popular science exhibition hall, vacation spots, private business club, Racing Club, racing

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  • Vr Driving

    Vr Driving

    Vr driving simulator is combining VR technology with F1 racing ride game which gives player a much more real & immersive exciting racing experience.

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  • Vr Car

    Vr Car

    Movie Power's racing vr car, with diverse styles, providing more than 72 tracks, customers can choose any track you like.

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