Interactive Kid Walls

Interactive Kid Walls

Earn Money Kids Vr Games Multiplayer Indoor Interactive Kid Walls Game.Virtual and real interactive experience, vivid and rich colors can attract children to participate actively with the strong interaction.Supports 10 players games once time; covers small area, easy to install and operate.

Product Details

Earn Money Kids Vr Games Multiplayer Indoor Interactive Kid Walls Game

The immersive flower sea uses a projector to project images on the wall, allowing participants to experience an immersive experience. Touch, touch, feel attentively, learn from nature, and attribute to nature. The audience seems to be in a virtual flower sea intertwined with light and shadow. Staring at close range, reaching out to touch or stepping on flowers will affect the birth, blooming and even withering of flowers in the space. Touch the butterfly lightly with your hand, the butterfly runs away; touch the blooming flowers, the flowers wither. Place the audience in this colorful virtual world and begin an immersive interactive experience.

interactive wall projection system

interactive kid walls

When children enter the projection range, they can interact directly with the virtual scene on the ground, the interaction effects change with the movements of the body, let children into a kind of virtual fusion, also really magic world. When passing through the ground, it interacts with images in the ground, and the system randomly switches different interfaces according to the setting of time.

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vr interactive kid games

Parameter for Interactive Kid Walls

Product NameInteractive Projection
Power0.45 KW
Service24-hour after sales service worldwide
Warranty12 months,lifetime maintenance
ApplicationShopping malls, experience halls, cultural tourism

1.High-Tech Enterprises in China
2.Little Giant Enterprise of Technological Innovation
3.China Good Technology
4.Trademark certificate
5.ISO Quality system certification
6.CE EU Safety Compliance Certification
7.ROHS certificate
8.Invention Patent of Software Copyright
9.Appearance Design Patent Utility Model Patents
10.Software copyright certificate
11.Intellectual Property Management System Certification
12.Science and Technology Popularization Base

vr floor projector game

After-Sale Support:

1. Installation

A.Send your technicians to China to learn installing and testing.
B.We will send you diagram, instructions, pictures and videos to show it.
C.Send our technician to your location to complete the installation.

2. Warranty
We offer you one full year factory warranty.we will offer you 24 hours online maintenance for free, and supply you for free the damaged key parts excluding projection screen and the lamp of projectors induced by non-human factors.

3. Movies
We have our professional team working on the movies, normally we can update 1-2 new movie every month to our customers during the period of warranty.

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