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Understanding the types of VR

- Jul 11, 2017-

VR glasses currently available on the market can be divided into two main categories: PC VR and mobile VR.

1. PC VR is characterized by: the need to connect to the PC or the use of mainframe computing performance is relatively strong, the display effect is good, and can carry out space walking, PC VR belt after you can walk in the virtual world, but there is a certain range of restrictions.

2. Mobile VR (also divided into mobile phone box and integrated machine)

Cell phone box principle is to make a lens on the phone to let you see VR, the advantage is convenient, there is a mobile phone can be seen, but because the size of the mobile phone, and VR operation is large, so the heat is serious, with the use of the card.

And the whole machine is a mobile phone, but this cell phone's core components integrated in the VR glasses, because of the large size, so the better heat dissipation, stable performance, but the use of the flagship mobile phone box on the effect is similar.

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