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VR Enters The Field Of Anti-drug Propaganda

- Jul 29, 2020-

Reject drug driving and build a strong dam | VR enters the field of anti-drug propaganda and demonstrates the dangers of drug driving

The concept of "drinking without driving, driving without drinking" has long been popular. According to authoritative tests, when driving under the influence of alcohol, the reaction time of a person will be 12% slower than the normal reaction time. What is rarely known is that the reaction time of the driver during "drug driving" is 21% slower than the normal reaction time!

Movie Power

After taking drugs, drug addicts will immediately become "another person", become extremely excited, and even have delusions and hallucinations; their judgment is low, or even completely lost. If you drive, the sense of direction and distance will become more confused, which will greatly increase the incidence of accidents, and the consequences will be disastrous. But despite this, there are still so many drug addicts who have a fluke, and they regret it after the "drug driving" has caused a tragedy.

Undoubtedly, the pain caused by "drug driving" to people is huge, but the harmfulness of popularizing "drug driving" by video and ppt teaching alone can have very limited educational effects. However, the rapid development of VR technology in recent years may be able to make people more intuitively aware of the terrible aspects of "drug driving".

The Movie Power VR drug driving simulation experience system is specially designed and developed for this purpose. The system has built-in three simulation scenarios of drug driving, namely, drug driving on urban roads, drug driving on highways and drug driving on mountain roads.

After the experiencer puts on the VR glasses and rides on the simulated driving device, the system will reproduce the real "drug driving" traffic accidents that have occurred on three road sections, so that the experiencer becomes the drug addict and feels "from the first perspective" The horror of drug driving.

drug driving

A rear-end collision on a city road, a collision with an innocent accident handler on a highway section, a sense of disorientation on a mountain section, and a head plunge into the cliff... The "blood" "splashing" on the VR glasses means bloody again and again. "Drug driving" safety accident.

VR safety driving

Compared with traditional anti-drug propaganda and education, VR technology brings a very strong sense of immersion. It uses special effects to truly restore the adverse reactions of drug users after taking drugs, allowing people to have a deeper understanding of the harm of drugs. The strong image impact can give people a warning and achieve the educational purpose of keeping people away from drugs.

After being promoted and applied in various anti-drug education and propaganda bases, this set of VR drug driving simulation equipment of Shadow Power has become one of the "star products" of many anti-drug centers. 

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