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VR Panorama Shooting Production

- Jul 29, 2020-

VR Panorama Shooting Production

With the continuous improvement of science and technology, traditional communication media are becoming more and more unable to meet the needs of the public, and less and less able to attract everyone’s attention. At this time, some novel communication methods are gradually entering people’s field of vision. VR panorama is one that can satisfy Something for everyone.

With the continuous development and progress of the Internet age, traditional advertising forms are becoming more and more unable to satisfy everyone. The information that traditional advertising media allows viewers to understand is only one-sided and not free, and the VR panorama perfectly solves this problem. VR panoramic view makes the information that people understand more comprehensive and direct, and has strong interaction, which can achieve better publicity effect and improve publicity efficiency, and is deeply favored by the majority of merchants. So how is the VR panorama made? Many people want to know.

First, take a shot, usually a 360° panorama or a 720° panorama. There are also two types of shooting equipment, one is a panoramic automatic camera, the other is a SLR camera + fisheye lens + tripod + panoramic head to shoot. Generally, the cheaper panoramic automatic camera does not produce very good results and is not used for commercial use. Therefore, if possible, use the second method for shooting.

Shooting method:

1. Before shooting, it is very important to find a better shooting location, which even directly affects the effect of our shooting. Try to choose a location with better lighting and other aspects.

2. After determining the location, we need to assemble our equipment.

3. After the assembly is complete, you can start shooting. Generally, you can capture the surrounding 360° or 720° real scenes. You can take a few more photos. Each photo should overlap the adjacent image by about 30%. Conducive to our later stitching.

4. After the shooting is complete, you can use PS to modify the picture and process some details to achieve better results. Then use PTgui and other software for splicing production.

5. After stitching, you can upload to the platform for generation. If there are many scenes in the panoramic project, you can also use the platform to add functions such as navigation and hotspots.

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