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In 2020, A Press Conference Held By Chinese VR Entrepreneurs In VR

- Aug 11, 2020-

In 2020, a press conference held by Chinese VR entrepreneurs in VR

On the evening of August 3, the VR Mixer and the 6th VRplay Community China Joy post-conference party was successfully held in VR. The first five sessions were all held offline. This year is the first time to be done online and in a VR environment. It is worth mentioning that the ratio of the number of participants to the number of registrations for this online event is almost the same as offline.

VR Mixer started in 2015 and is one of the persistent exchange activities among VR industry players in China. It has been held for five sessions so far. In previous events, there were guests from Nvidia, AMD, Unity, VIVE, China Mobile, Tencent, Intel, NetEase, iQiyi, Xiaomi, BOE, GoerTek, and a large number of game developers, content publishers, and investors People and media people.

In view of the current global epidemic situation and consideration of public health safety and citizen health protection, the VR Play community decided to hold the entire event in the VR world.

“In fact, we conducted two VR practitioner surveys after ChinaJoy announced the normal event, and wanted to determine the format of today's 6th VR Mixer based on most people’s intentions.” said Pan Bohang, the sponsor of the VRplay community, the organizer, “and then again After observing for a period of time, it was not until a month before the launch, that we finally decided to change to the online operation, and simply do it directly in VR."

The content of this event includes a review of China Joy 2020 and observation of VR exhibitors, the first publicity of the VR device rankings selected by consumers, the display of new KAT VR 2020 products, interactive dance performances, and free communication & virtual avatar group photos.

VR simulator

The software platform used in this VR Mixer 2020 is vHome, which was developed and designed by the vHome team led by Pan Bohang. It only took one month from project establishment to execution, and the actual development time was shorter than one month. vHome is a cross-platform free software that is still in the early development stage. It supports mainstream PCVR and all-in-one VR devices on the market, and also allows users to run in flat screen mode while using VR. The software currently supports interaction with 100 people in VR scenes, and has functions such as Avatar customization, composite natural expression, full-body motion capture, 3D spatial sound effects, and scene process customization.

Pan Bohang mentioned that, in fact, last year he had the idea of making VRplay's community activities no longer limited to offline, and he quickly developed a multiplayer program Demo for verification. Although he did not continue to develop it afterwards, until the beginning of this year due to the new crown epidemic, he and his colleagues who also work at home began to use this Demo for remote collaboration, which made him realize the feasibility of continuing this project, and this time VR The Mixer party is the "motivation" for the formal establishment of vHome.

However, as the first VR conference event, this event also has some areas that can be optimized and improved in the specific presentation. For example, in this event, the voice server usage effect was not ideal and needs to be improved. This may be because the supplier's audio and video nodes are still under pressure to support large-scale concurrency.

Of course, as the first event held in VR, there are also some areas that can be optimized and improved in the specific presentation. For example, when the number of participants in the event is higher than the estimate, the performance of the VR all-in-one version has declined and needs to be further optimized; in addition, the third-party multi-person voice service used in the event has not been stable in some periods , It can be seen that the current high concurrency situation is still under pressure. After this event, there are already companies interested in using vHome software. Therefore, the vHome team plans to continue to develop and improve functions in the next six months and make it a product for users in multiple fields.

Due to the short R&D time of vHome software itself, some functions are not very complete and have not reached the ideal state, so the team expects to optimize and perfect it in the next six months to make a VR product for users in multiple fields. Pan Bohang revealed that the current vHome team size is seven or eight. After this press conference, there are already companies interested in using vHome software and hope to have a PC version.

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