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VR Is About To Change The World

- Jul 29, 2020-

In the future, this kind of technology will become popular and you will be able to read the landscape without going out. VR is about to change the world!

Now, VR technology has been applied to different industries. As an emerging virtual technology in recent years, most people’s understanding of VR technology is still limited to its application in the game industry, but in fact, in many other industries, VR virtual Technology has gradually emerged, and has brought very good effects and feelings, let's introduce the application of VR virtual technology.

The first is in terms of news, the dissemination of news is now gradually becoming diversified, extensive and technical. VR technology can greatly promote the spread of news. Using VR technology to bring us a more realistic, more restorative, and more three-dimensional scene in front of the screen, so that everyone can come to the crime scene to experience firsthand and feel the pleasure of close contact. In recent years, VR news live broadcasts have been gradually increased. Just like the 70th anniversary of the military parade, I was fortunate enough to experience the VR live broadcast, and experienced the shock and strong emotional impact brought by the military parade. The experience of its environment is unmatched by video.

VR Simulator

The second VR virtual technology can be applied to the investigation of crime scenes. In the process of arresting and solving criminals, sometimes because of some special reasons or special locations, the crime scene cannot be kept for a long time, and the crime scene will be maintained for a long time. A lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources are required, but the relevant personnel need to repeatedly check the scene. At this time, VR technology can be used to restore the 3D crime scene, which is greatly beneficial to the development of criminal investigation.

The third is in medical treatment. Due to the uneven regional development, many high-quality medical resources may not be accepted by backward areas. At this time, VR technology can be used for remote guidance and real-time operation. During the patient's recovery period, VR technology can be used to bring the patients beautiful scenery, reduce the patient's anxiety and nervousness during this period, and be more conducive to the patient's speedy recovery.

Fourth, in terms of education, the popularization of VR virtual technology can be said to be of great significance. VR technology can allow more students to participate in this kind of comprehensive immersive teaching. This method allows us to do it without leaving home. It is like sitting in a classroom and teaching face to face with the teacher. This technology can also allow high-quality teaching resources to be popularized and received on a large scale, which is more conducive to the fair development of society. And technology can be used to show some concepts that can't happen or can't be realized in reality. For example, the big bang or the scene of a comet hitting the earth can be realized through VR virtual technology.

The second is that VR virtual technology in the tourism industry can create mountains, grass, trees, birds and flowers through a computer, and it can also create cold space, create a sky full of galaxies, create wonderful black holes, and create icy snow-capped mountains. Stay at home and see everything in the world. VR technology is not limited to these applications. In the near future, things like VR live broadcast, VR office, VR fitness or VR farming may appear, which are more to be developed and explored.

In the distant future, maybe we only need to wear glasses to meet your Asuna in virtual reality technology, and then we can really feel the tension on the news scene, and we can lie on the sofa, just like listening face to face. Tutoring from famous teachers from all over the world, as long as you wear glasses, it is like reading thousands of thousands of mountains and rivers, and walking all over the mountains, and these are what VR virtual technology can bring us, and it can bring us convenience And happiness is far more than that, and it is also waiting for us to further explore.

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