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How Should VR Theme Parks Be Operated

- Jul 29, 2020-

How should VR theme parks be operated?

Today,Movie Power is here to explain to you how the VR theme park should be operated? Because VR products are a new type of technical product, its development and application are not very mature yet, but with the rapid development of society and the continuous advancement of technology, VR products are now applied to all walks of life, bringing us convenience. So how should a VR theme park do better for operations? Next we will take a look together.

We first need to know that the operation of the VR experience hall is determined by many factors, such as site selection, decoration and experience content, etc. Generally, current franchise companies will bring a few people to the store to provide services, of course they want to operate A good VR experience hall needs to think about a lot of detailed issues, and then we will look down.

Here we need to think about the location of the VR experience hall from the beginning. The choice of a VR theme park is not enough to just look at the flow of people. Because there is a lot of traffic, it may not be possible to convert. It seems that we are building our VR theme park next to the subway entrance, but the crowds are passing by in a hurry and may not have time for entertainment, so they may not be experiential consumption. Yes, so we need to conduct various investigations from the crowd.

Then, in terms of decoration, we know that VR theme parks are more avant-garde and technologically entertaining projects. Therefore, in terms of decoration, it is necessary to maintain a sense of science and technology. Therefore, the decoration style and tone should be considered when decorating. At this time, you can find a special design company to help design. Sometimes you can see if the manufacturer you bought the device has a special design team. If it is a Movie Power VR device, it will generally help you design the layout of the store. If your VR theme park is aimed at students, you can consider the style of technology. . Because they are still very interested in future technology, if they are children, they can start with cute style.

We know that in terms of VR experience, in addition to the content of VR equipment and its experience, there is also the need to have its own highlights, and whether its operating modes such as charging timing and additional services can attract consumers. The charge can be set according to the merchant’s cost recovery estimate, equipment experience model, and the maximum experience capacity of a store per day, but merchants still need to be cautious in pricing. After all, the low does not meet the high-end positioning of the VR experience hall. If it is too high, consumers will stay away. So we have to think from many aspects.

Movie Power Summary: We want to operate a VR theme park well, then we need to consider the crowd, location and characteristics comprehensively, in line with the needs of the times, and hope that the above content can help everyone have a deeper understanding of this And understand, everyone can follow and share.

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